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About Us

Owner Operated 
  • Owners Marc Leible and Jay  Leible personally pick up all  sensitive information

  • Third owner, attorney Chuck  Leible, has over 30 years  experience with sensitive  documents

Why Outsourcing Your Shredding is Best 
  • Employees are more productive when focused on core  responsibilities  

  • Reduced capital and  employment expenditures

  • Company information (i.e.  payroll, legal, and employment  issues) should not be exposed to  most employees  

  • In‐house shredding will not  handle large volumes and may  prompt employees to  circumvent the destruction  process  

  • Document destruction can occur  year‐round, instead of a year‐ end purge that requires months  of storage 

Individualized Plan: What Fits Your Needs?
  • Ongoing serviced: free locked  container in various sizes

  • Purges: one‐time or as needed  mass removal

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